New!   Dijon Crusted Chicken Thighs with a Dry Vermouth and Creme Fraiche Sauce

The Dijon coating is milder than expected and a great foil for the Vermouth Sauce (click photo for Chicken Thighs page)

.New!   Salmon and Prawn Fishcakes

Healthy, light and quick to prepare,

no carbs involved, delicious with Watercress Mayonnaise

(click photo for Fish Page)

New!   Cinnamon and Paprika Chicken Thighs with a Pine Kernel and Sesame Crust

A get ahead, no fuss and fast recipe I love (click photo for Chicken Thighs page)

New!  Crisp and Crumbly Orange Biscuits

The dough for these melt in the mouth treasures takes moments to make and can be stored ready to bake in your fridge (click photo for B&B recipes)

New!   Pears in Raspberry Juice with Star Anise

Sparklingly pretty, these are delicious for breakfast with Greek yoghurt (click photo for B&B recipes)

New!   Salmon and Smoked Salmon Stuffed with Paprika Prawns and a Paprika Creme Fraiche Sauce

The epitome of quick and simple but special.  Good hot, warm or cold , perfect for easy entertaining (click photo for Fish page)

Breast of Chicken with Watercress and Broad Bean Sauce

Delicate, light and positively bursting with health.  The watercress gives a lovely peppery undertone and the popped broad beans add even more vibrancy to the Summery green sauce.

Indonesian Chicken

More big flavours.  This is so speedy to produce; just put everything in one pan and simmer gently for a few minutes. 


Don't feel you must have this with rice; new potatoes and a simple salad, for example, would be lovely.

Potted Prawns

I love, love these completely yummy Potted Prawns, perfect starter, perfect light lunch with a salad; just one of my most favourite things to eat

Chicken Liver Paté

Is it a cake?  Is it a Christmas pudding?  There's nothing very ground-breaking about Chicken Liver Pate so I wanted to present it slightly differently.


Actually, it is very pretty, but more importantly, it's smooth, velvety and moreish.



Speedy Glazed Balsamic & Ginger Chicken Breasts

Perfect for a quick mid-week meal, this speedy Glazed Balsamic and Ginger Chicken can be glossily ready on your plate within 20 minutes.

Ginger and Paprika Chicken Thigh Fillets

This Ginger and Paprika Chicken packs the most wonderful flavour punch.  The ginger caramelises, catching and crusting in the most irresistible way. 


It's great hot of course and lovely warm or at room temperature,  but I think it's sublime in a sandwich made with good sour dough bread and a slick of yoghurt - oh dear, such bad habits.

Roast Romano Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes, Yoghurt, Feta and Pistachios

Italian Sunshine Chicken

My Italian Sunshine Chicken is truly unauthentic, but it is sunny, fast and easy. 


I'm not sure why I think of this as "Italian" in my head, but its golden glow perhaps gives a clue and would surely delight any Italian Nonna, so

va bene cosi

Stunning baked Romano Red Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes, Yoghurt, Feta and chopped Pistachios are wonderful as a starter or light lunch, good on a buffet or to accompany a main course, serve warm or at room temperature

Fragrant Coconut Curried Chicken

This gently fragrant chicken isn't in the least hot, just softly delicate and I could eat it by the bucketful unfortunately. 


The chicken is delectable and although I personally detest coconut with a passion, here the coconut milk is such an anonymously good vehicle for the other flavours that it is perfectly fine.

Summer Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Basil and Vermouth

Light, clean and healthy, the perfect dish for Summer which can be knocked up in 15 minutes

Quick Oriental Ginger Lemon and Garlic Chicken

Marinade the Quick Oriental Ginger, Lemon and Garlic Chicken in advance then later all you have to do is open the oven door and slip it in.  

Gently Spiced Chicken with Pomegranate Molasses

This gently spiced chicken with pomegranage molasses is versatile, so pretty and with yummy blackened edges;  cook as a  butterflied whole chicken, as breasts on the hob or thighs in the oven

Spiced Tomatoes with Pecorino

These versatile Spiced Tomatoes with Pecorino may be served hot, warm or cold for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


Delicious topped with fat curls of avocado, topped with a poached egg or served as an accompaniment for almost any main course.


Such lovely juicy tomatoes with a crunchy top almost cannot go wrong (even if you forget to put them in the oven, or leave them in a tad too long) so they are the perfect answer for a lazy, haphazard or even accomplished cook. 

Pork Shoulder Steaks with Sumac

Sumac gives a light and bright almost citrus feel to this very straightforward

recipe for Pork Shoulder Steaks with Sumac.

Burnished Chicken Thighs with White Wine, Honey and Lemon

This recipe is an old and faithful friend.  The chicken skin blackens glossily to tempt the taste buds as it cooks.

Chinatown Honey Soy Chicken

The flavour of these glossy mahogany brown Chinatown Honey Soy Chicken Thighs will fly you straight to the Orient, no flights or face masks involved

Fast and Easy Indonesian Pork

Indonesian flavours pack a punch in a fragrant kind of way; in this the pork becomes meltingly soft, yet the sauce is aromatic and robust enough to pleasantly invigorate your taste buds. 


Marinate then slip this fast and easy Indonesian pork in the oven; job done.

Cider Apple Pork with Bacon and Mushrooms

Cider Apple Pork with Bacon and Mushrooms is fairly conventional, there's nothing challenging here, just a pretty and flavourful, stress-free pork recipe with very lazy habits

Pork with Orzo and Feta

A comforting and unctuous braise I discovered by accident.  Pork braised with Orzo and Feta gives a warm hug on slightly more chilly nights; it needs no accompaniment apart from perhaps, a simple salad


Almost nil effort to prepare, Labneh,  like a yoghurty cream cheese but feeling

softer and silkier in the mouth, is a shortcut to quick, healthy and easy lunches for warm days.  Summer holidays on a plate

Labneh with Beetroot, Puy Lentil, Wild Rice and Pomegranate Molasses, lovely for lunch and a great main course accompaniment too


My Sformato is a sort of crustless quiche but with more lofty ideas.  Crammed with vegetables in a savoury ricotta custard, it's just a bit different.

Quick Thai Chicken with Tomato Chilli Jam

The quickest route possible to glossy irresistible Thai chicken with equally fast tomato chilli jam

Rich Smoked Salmon Custard

I was fairly newly out of school when

I first made this very retro Smoked Salmon Custard and I have never forgotten how absolutely scrumptious I thought it was at the time. 


It remains frightfully rich, wicked and utterly delicious. 


I like to make it look as alluring as possible; eye appeal is so important and that brief moment of anticipation before plunging your fork into something that looks irresistible is one of life's great joys.

Fast Chicken Tikka

There is a reason why Chicken Tikka is so popular, it's delicious - and not only is this recipe particularly yummy, but it is extremely FAST and easy to do.  Surely, just what every cook wants.   

Labneh with Tomato and Avocado Toast -

Evocative of a lunch with the sun on your cheek and water lapping nearby

Labneh with Broad Bean Puree and Smoked Salmon - Any ladies who lunch around?

Beetroot and Vodka Cured Salmon

Soaked in Vodka and Beetroot juices, this healthy cured salmon is as scrumptious as it is pretty.  Pair it with my Potted Prawns and it's sublime.

Thai Salmon Fish Cakes

Thai Salmon Fish Cakes are far from unusual these days but this recipe is a cheat, the result is extra healthy and scrummy. 


The Fish Cakes can be made small for canapés, a little larger as a starter with lovely salad leaves or larger still as a light lunch or something more substantial. 


Serve with sweet chilli dipping sauce, yoghurt with the dipping sauce swirled through or simply with lemon mayonnaise

Strawberries in Lipstick, beautiful strawberries in raspberry sauce

Named by one of my B&B guests as he swooped into these strawberries in raspberry sauce for breakfast.  


Again, this isn't really a recipe, just a quick, simple idea.  The glossy sauce gives the impression you've made much more effort than serving plain berries, whereas in fact...

Milk Chocolate Mocha Mousse

Milk Chocolate Mocha Mousse, a welcome change from the more usual dark chocolate mousse, yet still a dense and wicked chocolate


White Chocolate Mousse

Billowing, frothy and irresistible, this White Chocolate Mousse is still naughty...

Harriet's Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Light, fluffy and perfect with summer berries, Harriets simple baked vanilla cheesecake is the perfect pud. for warm summer evenings (and makes a pretty good Wedding cake too..)

Unconventional Raspberry Cranachan

Not Cranachan at all really and not a proper recipe either, just something simple and delicious to put together with cream if you are feeling indulgent, or with yoghurt if common sense prevails; delicious at any time of day

Blueberry Compot

Wonderful with yoghurt or porridge for breakfast, delicious with ice cream, this

blueberry compote is brightened with lemon and isn't too sweet; good healthy stuff. 

Cod with Tomato, Egg and Parsley Sauce

This delicious topping for fish is almost embarrassingly simple; it certainly can't be called a recipe, just another idea - but yummy

Raspberry Posset (topped with meringue

We all know lemon posset and love it for its elegant simplicity.  Here is a raspberry version with all the assets of the lemon version, but extra pretty and may be made with either fresh or frozen berries.

I know this looks like rather a lot of meringue for a little posset - but the posset packs a real pop of flavour and indulgence, whilst we all find it hard to resist meringue..

Hannah's Miso and Honey Roast Aubergines (with a nod of thanks to Kikkoman)

The intensely umami taste of these aubergines is hard to resist and hugely satisfying.   To avoid aubergines with lots of unwanted seeds inside choose those with well rounded rather than pointy bottoms and which feel light in weight for their size. 

Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with Redcurrant, Rosemary and Garlic Crust and a Hint of Lemon

Meltingly tender but succulent, flavourful and juicy, the perfect lamb joint for a large party and no stressful carving either because it just falls apart.  The lamb sits on a contrived trivet of onions and potatoes while it cooks which soak up the delicious juices as a bonus. 


This is simple and speedy to prepare and then sits quietly in the oven for 4 hours while you do other things.  

Tudor Cottage B&B's Own Granola

This is so popular with my guests that I always seem to be making it.  Ingredients vary a little depending on what I have in the cupboard, but I always brighten it by stirring in freeze dried raspberry pieces

French Trimmed Rack of Lamb with a Parmesan and Sesame Crust

Small, sweet and delectable, rack of lamb is smart and wonderful without any embellishment, but this recipe uses chilli jam as "glue" for the parmesan and sesame crust which gives a bright oomph and is, I think, more sympathetic than the more often used Dijon mustard. 

The Ultimate Moist and Dense Chocolate Cake

Decadent (but delicious) with a cup of tea, even better as a pud. served just warm with thick cream.


Not glamorous to look at, the cake has a cracked and slightly crisp top concealing dark and damp unctuousness beneath

Damson Jam

If jam could be sophisticated, this would have sophistication in spades. 


Damsons are almost impossible to buy so this jam is likely to be made with fruit straight from your garden and tastes less sweet than many other jams too.

Tudor Cottage's Seedy Brown Bread

Quick no yeast wholesome bread which fills the house with wonderful smalls as it cooks and can be out of the oven cooling just over an hour after you've found your loaf tin.  Great with Damson Jam.


Spiced Rack of Lamb with Pine Kernals

Stylish and delicious bliss on a plate, pretty blissfully easy for the cook too

Chocolate Amaretto Meringue with Cherries

Sweet and terribly bad but sometimes a really indulgent full on naughty pud. is exactly what is needed

Tudor Cottage Brown Sauce aka Spiced Plum Sauce

Shiny and piquant, this is a world away from HP

Tudor Cottage's Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Homemade ketchup is soooo much better in every way.  Try this and you'll never go back to Heinz

Cambozola Baked Potatoes

Indulgent and oozing these potatoes are an adaptation of a James Martin recipe and are the perfect comfort food for cooler evenings

Mushroom Soup with Bacon, Leeks, Sweet Red Onions and Gruyere

Comfort in a bowl, this soup is velvety, soft and sort of yielding, just bliss and all because of the sour dough bread used to thicken it.  A warm blanket of a meal.

Breast of Chicken with Squash, Sweet Potato and Taleggio

Comfort food again, this Chicken dish is rich and cheesy.  I have used Taleggio, but Cambozola would be good, as would Gruyere, although it might be a little heavier.  Any how it's yummy.

Salmon and Smoked Salmon Stuffed with Paprika Prawns, with a Paprika Creme Fraiche Sauce

This is my new favourite dish because it's so versatile and quick not only to prepare, but also to cook. 


A little pocket is made in the salmon (just a cut really) and filled with paprika prawns, it's then enveloped in smoked salmon and served with the simplest sauce which is brilliant hot or cold. 


Pretty marvellous I'd say.

Salmon and Prawn Fishcakes - Two Ways

The trouble with so many fishcakes is the potato.  It's tedious to add and it spoils the texture, taste and waistline.  These little treasures are light, healthy and quick to prepare; they are perfect for ladies who lunch and no carbs are involved at all. 


I give two different ways to prepare them, both very simple.  Serve with Watercress Mayonnaise (cheat's method). 

Chicken Thighs with Cinnamon and Paprika with a Pine Kernal and Sesame Crust

I just love the flavour of this and have subjected family and friends to it over and over again.  It's one of those quick to cook convenient dishes which can be prepared ahead and sits quietly gathering flavour in your fridge, then all it needs is six minutes per side in the pan and you have something delicious.

Dijon Crusted Chicken Thighs with a Dry Vermouth Creme Fraiche Sauce

The soft coating of Dijon mustard is milder than expected and a lovely foil for the Vermouth Sauce

I often use dry Vermouth in place of white wine for sauces as it has a light, almost herby quality, perfect for cooking.

Pears Steeped in Raspberry Juice with Star Anise

Sparkling and pretty, delicious for breakfast with thick Greek yoghurt

Crisp and Crumbly Orange Biscuits

These are simple and irresistible;  meltingly crumbly yet crisp and can be knocked up in moments.   I keep a supply of the dough in my fridge ready for those many moments when a biscuit is definitely necessary.