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Crunchy Chicken with Rice Krispie Coating

Potted Prawns

Crunchy, dismayingly moreish and without any obvious connection to breakfast cereal, these chicken pieces are almost too much of a winner for me because, it cannot be denied, they are fried.  But every now and again, we can, can't we?  I love the fact there doesn't have to be any of that tedious dipping in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and the buttermilk makes the chicken soft and succulent.


  • 400g chicken breasts cut into thick, chunky fingers 

  •  184ml buttermilk 

  • 150g (approx) Rice Krispies 

  • Salt and pepper 

  • Sunflower oil for frying

Potted Prawns


  • Put the buttermilk into a bowl, add the chicken pieces and make sure they are completely coated in the buttermilk.  Cover and leave in the fridge for as long as possible, preferably over night. 

  •  Lift the chicken out of the buttermilk and spread out on a large plate.  Season each piece on both sides. 

  •  Put the rice krispies into a bowl and lightly crush with the end of a rolling pin; don't overdo it, you want quite a coarse texture 

  • Coat each piece of chicken in the rice krispies 

  • Shallow fry in oil about 1 cm deep approximately 2 minutes each side or until golden, crisp and cooked through. 

  • Drain on kitchen paper if necessary and sprinkle lightly with flaky sea salt.

Helpful Hints

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