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Buttermilk Chicken with Mushrooms and Tomato Chilli Relish

Potted Prawns

This is a real lazy cook's dish and too simple to be graced with the word "recipe" so I love it.  Provided you have dropped the chicken into the buttermilk before hand, this is one of those things you can cook whilst multi-tasking and it still looks and tastes yummy.  The soaking in buttermilk gives the thighs soft succulence and becomes darkly delicious as the chicken cooks.

Potted Prawns


  • 1 284ml carton buttermilk 

  •  2 fat cloves garlic 

  •  4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed any of fat, etc. 

  • 1 onion, finely chopped 

  •  200g mushrooms, finely chopped 

  •  2 tsps. Tomato Chilli Relish (from the supermarket is fine)


  • Put the buttermilk into a bowl and grate in the garlic 

  • Add the chicken thighs, make sure they are well coated in buttermilk and leave to soak as long as possible, preferably over night 

  • Gently cook the onion in a frying pan with minimum oil or butter until translucent.  Add a pinch of salt while they cook to prevent them from going too fast and sticking to the pan 

  • Add the mushrooms to the pan, turn the heat up a tad and fry until they become dry.  Set aside  

  •  Add the chicken with the buttermilk sticking to it to the pan and cook on a medium heat for about 6 minutes per side. 

  • Return the onions and mushrooms to the pan and stir in the tomato chilli relish straight from the pot.  Heat through and serve.

Helpful Hints

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