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Turmeric Chicken

Potted Prawns

This is a Delicious Magazine recipe which I have adjusted.  It's simple, moist, colourful and,

as the magazine promises, delicious.

Potted Prawns


4 large boneless and skinless chicken thighs

In bowl: 150g natural yoghurt (I use full fat thick Greek yoghurt)

                  Juice of 1 lime

                  2 tsps. ground turmeric

                  1 heaped tsp. ground coriander

                  1 tsp. ground cumin

                  2 fat cloves garlic, grated

                  1 cm root ginger, grated


  • Trim the fat from the thighs, make sure no bits of bone remain and without being too rough, bash any thick parts of the thigh to roughly flatten

  • Mix the bowl ingredients together.  Do not add seasoning.

  • Submerge the thighs in the bowl making sure every part of the meat is covered with the marinade

  • Chill for as long as you can so that the chicken absorbs the flavours and tenderises in the yoghurt, ideally overnight

  • Lift out of the marinade, season with salt and pepper then cook on a moderate heat in a griddle pan or frying pan about 5 minutes per side, or until cooked through

Helpful Hints

Drizzle with a little thinned down seasoned yoghurt and any dark and delicious juices which may have accumulated in the pan

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