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Fine Dining Equipment

Fine dining crockery, plates and equipment can elevate a dining experience and take your cooking to the next level.

Whatever your budget, selecting plates, bowls, and serving items that are perfect for your style and food can be an important step. This is especially true if you are taking photographs of your food — such as for social media platforms, a blog, or an ebook, for example.

It is also important to present your food in the best way possible if you run a food-related business — such as a bed and breakfast, or catering company — but it is even important if you regularly entertain guests at home.

Fine Dining Crockery

Dining plates, crockery, and presentation helps set the tone for your event. The way in which you serve your food can create a specific atmosphere — such as sophisticated and formal, or relaxed and convivial.

Some serving options are especially appropriate for individual dishes while others are ideal for sharing. Consider carefully what would be the best choice for you.

Plates, dishes, and serving platters come in a variety of colours, materials and textures. These can be used to your advantage and style too. Muted colours can be especially versatile, while bright and bold colours can create a modern feel. You can also serve on specially prepared materials and textures such as wood, marble and slate for a sense of variety and luxury.

Begin by considering your cooking style and events, and perhaps select a few words that best describe it. You may choose relaxed, cosy, and collaborative, for example — where sharing plates and laidback styles could be the most appropriate option.

Alternatively, your choices may be closer to sleek, sophisticated, luxurious — where textures such as metal, glass, and fine silverware would be a great choice.

Over time, you may choose to have an eclectic collection, but it can be less overwhelming at first to consider what you use the most often.

Fine Dining Restaurant Plates

Restaurants and fine dining experiences all offer a particular style and atmosphere that is bespoke to their brand. What do you want your brand to be? Brands are not only for businesses — although they are especially helpful to know if you run a catering company, restaurant, or bed and breakfast, for example. But brands are just an expression of personal style — even at home and among friends.

When you are developing your cooking style, develop your taste in serving dishes and crockery alongside, so that your presentation always serves your style of food.

A great way to discover your personal cooking style is to try a wide variety of dishes and ingredients — especially navigating through starters, mains, and desserts. Your style may be best suited to intricate, light dishes and seasonal produce for example, or you may find it is heartier roasted dishes for the whole family that you prefer.

On Louise Cooks, you will find a wide range of recipes that are perfect for getting started, honing your taste, and developing your skills.

Fine Dining Dinner Plates

Once you have selected some of the essential serving items you will need — such as a high quality dinner set, serving platter, or bowls, for example — it is time to start selecting your recipes to try.

In time, these can become part of your regular repertoire, and you will start to notice a specific cooking style emerging.

Browse Louise Cooks to discover a wide range of eclectic and delicious recipes that are suitable for all occasions. Whether you are catering for an intimate get-together with friends, a sumptuous dinner or event, or a creating a regular menu for your business or bed and breakfast, there is a selection to suit you.

There are suggestions for starters and light lunches, mains, puds, and more. Browse a variety of modern, elegant choices that will delight you and your guests — from popular favourites such as seafood and chicken, to fresh vegetables, desserts and more.

Whether cooking for yourself, family, or paying customers, the recipes on Louise Cooks are versatile, crowd-pleasing classics that can suit any occasion.