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Strawberries in Lipstick

Potted Prawns
Potted Prawns

Named by one of my B&B guests as he tucked into them with thick Greek yoghurt for breakfast, these beautiful strawberries are good any time and they have the pleasing quality of making it seem as though you have made more effort than you actually have.  The raspberry purée even makes those tasteless strawberries available in Winter delicious. Surprisingly, I am often asked what the sauce is and I think this must be because the raspberry taste enhances rather than dominates.  The sauce is, needless to say, classic and wonderful with peaches and nectarines.


  • Good handful of raspberries, fresh or frozen 

  • A tickle of icing sugar, to taste 

  • Punnet (say 200g) fresh strawberries


  • Defrost the raspberries (or use fresh)   

  • Press through a sieve to remove the pips 

  • Add a tickle of icing sugar if you wish 

  • Toss the strawberries in the puree and serve

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