Unconventional Raspberry Cranachan

It has to be admitted that this convenient and lovely mélange isn't really cranachan at all, but it does have an approximation to it and it's indulgently delicious.  Substitute the raspberries for cooked rhubarb and use all yoghurt in place of cream (so it's definitely not cranachan) and you have something wonderful for breakfast.  Possibly best to omit the whisky though?

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  • 200ml double cream

  • 100ml Greek yoghurt (full fat)

  • 25g icing sugar

  • Glug of whisky (approx. 25 ml)

  • 250g fresh raspberries

  • 80g granola

  • Handful of pistachios, roughly chopped

  • Sprinkle of freeze-dried raspberry powder (optional)

Raspberry Cranachan Cheesecake


  • Whisk together the cream, icing sugar and whisky to soft, gently falling over peaks

  • Fold in the yoghurt (it will firm up a little)

  • Pop some of the raspberries in a bowl, dollop some of the cream on top and sprinkle with a little of the granola and a few pistachios

  • Repeat the layers finishing with cream.  Top with a few raspberries and  a sprinkle of granola, chopped pistachios and raspberry powder, if using.

Raspberry Cranachan Cake

Unconventional Raspberry Cranachan

The recipe is a simple assembly job

Helpful Hints and Avoiding Stumbles

  • The yoghurt lightens the cranachan considerably; it could be substituted with ready made custard - the sort you find in the chiller cabinet at the supermarket is ideal.  Cranachan made with only cream is, IMHO, too heavy.

  • You can of course make it entirely with yoghurt and, if doing so, sprinkle the icing sugar and whisky over the raspberries as you layer up.

  • If you can get hold of freeze-dried raspberry pieces, a few mixed in with the fresh raspberries enhances their flavour.  I think Waitrose sell them but, if not Amazon certainly do.

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