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Beetroot Soup

Potted Prawns

This recipe is an out and out cheat; it's the simplest possible soup which gives the impression you have slaved over it for hours.  Good hot or cold and is excellent served in a shot glass as a slightly different canapé.  Very easy on a delicate tum too.


1 pack cooked beetroot without vinegar, about 500g

200ml beef stock (made with an oxo cube is perfect)

1-2 tps. horseradish sauce, good quality 

3 tbsps. sour cream (plus more for garnish)

Salt and pepper

Fresh herbs to garnish

Potted Prawns


  • Drop the beetroot into a food processor with a splash of the beef stock and whizz to a smooth purée

  • Add the remaining beef stock to bring the purée to a fairly thick soupy consistency

  • Add the horseradish sauce, sour cream and seasoning to taste

Helpful Hints

I like the soup to be fairly thick if serving cold and thinner if serving hot. You may need to play around with the quantity of horseradish as some are hotter than others

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