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Tomato and Avocado Toast with Labneh

Potted Prawns

This is popular healthy bliss which will take you back to balmy summer days with sun on your cheek and water lapping nearby.  Of course, it's best with tomatoes straight from the garden or warmed by Mediterranean breeze, but we can't have everything. Find my Labneh recipe here.


  • 1 clove of garlic 

  • Bread of choice ( I recommend sourdough)  

  • Large tomato

  •  Labneh 

  • Avocado 

  • Teaspoon of olive oil (optional)

Potted Prawns


  •  Toast some thickly sliced good bread, preferably sour dough 

  •  Cut a clove of garlic in half and firmly rub the cut sides all over the toast 

  • Cut the top off a fairly large tomato and, using a grater on its coarsest side, grate the tomato onto the toast (you should end up with just the skin left in your hand). Season the tomato. 

  •  Using a teaspoon, scoop whorls of avocado on top of the grated tomato.

  •  Dollop the labneh here and there around the avocado 

  • Season again if necessary and drizzle with olive oil 

  •  You could add to this by topping with a poached egg.  Breakfast Heaven.

Helpful Hints

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